Kirk Mask

A Faceless wearing the mask of a famous fictional character James T. Kirk. Used to run the Faceless/Fiend drug trade until he royally screwed up a delivery. Which at the point in his life was par for the course, falling into banditry and then the Faceless


Kirk Mask
Tough 5 / Road Warrior 1

Str 16
Dex 10
Con 16
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 8

HP 68
AC 19
Init 0

Fort 7(11) / Ref 2 / Wil 2

Melee 8 / Range 5

ChainSaw 8 / 3d63 / cirt 20

E. Sports Pad + 5

Craft Mechanical 8
Vehicle 12
Perception 7
Athletics 10

Armor Proficiency (light, medium)
What is says on the tin.

The character gains a +4 bonus on the following checks and saves: hourly Swim checks to avoid becoming fatigued, Constitution checks to continue running, Constitution checks to hold the character’s breath, Constitution checks to avoid damage from starvation or thirst, Fortitude saves to avoid damage from hot or cold environments, and Fortitude saves to resist suffocation or drowning. Also, the character may sleep in medium or light armor without becoming fatigued. Normal: A character without this feat who sleeps in armor is automatically fatigued the following day.

Vehicle Expert
Benefit: The character gets a +2 bonus on all Drive checks and Pilot checks.

Force Stop
Benefit: When the character attempts a sideswipe stunt with a surface vehicle, the character can force the other vehicle to a stop by nudging it into a controlled side­ways skid. In addition to the normal requirements for attempting a sideswipe stunt, the character must have sufficient movement remaining to move a number of squares equal to the character’s turn number.
After succeeding on the check to attempt the sideswipe, the character makes a Drive check opposed by the other driver. If the character succeeds, turn the other vehicle 90 degrees across the front of the character’s, so that they form a tee. Move them forward a distance equal to the character’s turn number. The vehicles end their movement at that location, at stationary speed, and take their normal sideswipe damage. If the character fails the check, resolve the sideswipe normally.

What it says on the tin.

Remain Conscious: The Tough hero gains the ability to continue to perform actions when he or she would otherwise be considered unconscious and dying. When the Tough hero’s hit points reach –1, the hero can perform as though he or she were disabled, making either an attack action or a move action every round until the hero reaches –10 hit points (and dies) or the hero’s hit points return to 1 or higher. The hero can choose to succumb to unconsciousness if he or she thinks that doing so might prevent him or her from taking more damage.

Robust: The Tough hero becomes especially robust, gaining a number of hit points equal to his or her Tough level as soon as he or she selects this talent. Thereafter, the hero gains +1 hit point with each level of Tough he or she gains.

Second Wind: The Tough hero can spend 1 action point to gain a second wind. When the hero does this, he or she recovers a number of hit points equal to his or her Constitution modifier. This talent does not increase the Tough hero’s hit points beyond the character’s full normal total.


The Spiky Cage
Kirk Mask vehicle of choice. A Chevrolet Suburban with its frame stripped and covered in barbed wire and spikes, including a spiky ram on the front.

Raiders of <city>
During his first years as a raider, ran with a group called the <city name="true"> Bulls. The Bulls gained a lot of rep after taking out a traveling Regulator. The other gangs started backing them, until a rival gang from the East came and wiped them out. There’s talk that the rival gang might have been backed by the NTR.

Followers of Apoc
While running with the Bulls, the Bulls had a superstition not to attack Followers of the Apocalypse. Which Kirk continued to follow during his run with the Faceless. After defecting, he did odd jobs and milk runs for them, and they kept him hidden from the Faceless hunting him.

To the Fiends, Kirk appears as a normal member of the Faceless

Kirk Mask

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