Michael "Redeye" Hume

"Go ahead run, you'll just die tired."


Fast Hero 4 / Soldier 2

STR – 10
DEX – 16
CON – 14
INT – 12
WIS – 12
CHA – 6

Reputation: +4
AC: 23

FORT: +3
WILL: +2


Masterwork Rail Gun:
Attack Bonus: +14
Damage: 3d12 +7
Critical: 20
Range: 225
Type: Ballistic
Size: Large

Masterwork Glock 20
Attack Bonus: +11
Damage: 2d6 +4
Critical: 20
Range: 60
Type: Ballistic
Size: Medium

Masterwork Knife:
Attack Bonus: 6/9
Damage: 1d4 +2
Critical: 19-20
Range: Melee/20
Type: Slashing/Piercing
Size: Small

Masterwork SR-25
Attack Bonus: +13
Damage: 2d10 +5
Critical 20
Range: 180
Type: Ballistic
Size Medium

Feats and Talents:
Uncanny Dodge 1
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Far Shot
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Light Armor Proficiency
Weapon Proficiency: Rifle
Weapon Specialization: Rifle

Power Resistance: Electricity 20
Cosmetic Mutation x2
Lightning Hunger
Thin Skin
MP: 6

You are able to absorb electrical damage as charges to expend later to power devices or as an attack.

For every 4 points of electrical damage you resist you gain a charge you may store up to your resistance in charges. These charges may be spent to power devices, or as and electrical attack that deals 1d6 for every charge expended up to 5d6 as a touch ranged power. The charge cost is doubled to power devices or attack targets in a 30ft range.ranged variant is usually accompanied with a display of electrical discharge. Conductivity applies as GM rules.

Induction Grind: move faster along conductive surfaces
Magnetic Push/Pull: move a magnetic object 5 pounds or less for one hand 10 pounds for two


Michael “Redeye” Hume called Redeye because he has Heterochromia Iridum which makes his left eye an unnerving red and is remarkable accuracy with a rifle. He had previously lived in Missouri, working to build colony able to self-sustain so that the fighting over resources would stop and humanity could once again progress. While working toward this ideal, he met and married Rose Tyburn with whom he had two daughters, Emily and Anna. Then one day, without warning, he came, Gimorian “The Emasculater”, he with a small army of super-mutants behind him. They, within hours, over came the colony’s defenses and started burning, raping and pillaging. Michael and a small squad were a about a mile out when they spotted the smoke, the squad picked up speed as Michael used the scope on his rail gun to scout ahead. Through his scope, Michael beheld his wife as Gimorian brutally emasculated her(don’t ask how that’s even possible, you don’t want to know). Michael with a cry that, literally, filled the sky with lightning, fires his rifle in quick succession, cracking Gimorian’s skull and killing several of his men. Realizing that their glorious leader was unconscious and that the lightning heralded enemy reinforcements the super-mutants decided to retreat. When Michael and his squad arrived at the colony, they put out the fires and gathered the survivors and started burying the dead, then Michael realized first to his relief that this children were not with the dead, then to his horror that they where not among the survivors. In his search for them he found a corpse of an electrocuted super-mutant, and several electrical burn marks, which lead him to the railroad. Knowing that his daughters had inherited his power combined with some other clues Michael realized that they had used the Induction Grind to go south on the rails. So he gathered some supplies and when off after them. Along the way he found more evidence of Emily and Anna as well as encountering some Gimorian’s men from whom the was able to find out that Grimorian was pissed about his face and wants revenge.

And so Michael “Redeye” Hume arrived in The Republic of New Texas. Having left the railroad as the lack of rails was making using Induction Grind an inefficient method of transportation. He decided to start searching town-to-town. A few of these towns, he learned, had a problems with bandit raids so he decided to help them out and in doing so caught the attention of the Regulators in hearing his plight and repeated encounters with Michael as he hunted down the bandits they decided to take him in. Now, a year later, he works for the Regulators, now as while look for his children.

- Find Emily and Anna
- Avenge Rose

Michael "Redeye" Hume

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