Mundy Sweet

Butcher, cook, author.


It is common knowledge throughout the wasteland that the book, “Nuclear Eater’s Wonderland: A Cookbook,” is the definitive authority on post-apocalyptic cooking. Penned by the enigmatic Mr. Monday, the book details his adventures throughout ruined America, from romping with roving gangs of renegade sexagenarians to run-ins with the Brotherhood of Steel, all the while giving helpful tips on how to prepare a variety of dishes that are actually pretty palatable (with a particular eye on Iguana meat, oddly enough).

What is not common knowledge however is that the mysterious Mr. Monday and the notorious mercenary, Mundy Sweet, are one and the same. A hulking monstrosity of a man, Mundy Sweet has earned infamy working for/with raiders, Fiends, and other assorted ne’er-do-wells. He is vicious and brutal; opting to utilize a hook, a length of chain, and even his own teeth, to horrifying effects in a fight. But perhaps the true source of Sweet’s notoriety is what he does outside of battle.

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Mundy Sweet is, however, a mercenary creature, and will not shy away from any job – no matter how bad or good – as long as the pay is good.

Recently, Sweet’s wanderlust has taken him to Waco, Texas, responding to the call for upstanding heroes – heroes that Sweet’ll more than happy to direct to Waco. In the meantime, Mundy Sweet knows a good paying job when he sees one.

Mundy Sweet

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