Nicholas Castle

Genetically modified super-solider turned religous regulator


Age: 16 (32)

14 str (+1 at 4th)
14 dex
14 con
10 int
12 wis
10 cha

Dedicated Hero 4/Helix warrior 1, Military (class skills: acrobatics, athletics)

Hit Points: 47, AC 10 + 4 class + 2 dex + 2 shield + 6 armor + 2 natural = 26
DR 2/-, 40ft. move
Saves: 7/5/+6

Armor proficiency medium + heavy
Power Armor Proficiency
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (BFG)
Light armor proficiency
Personal Firearms Proficiency

Empathy: (examine person for 1 minute, +4 to social rolls)
Intuition: 4/day DC 15 will save to get hunch
Haul: +4 strength for lifting
Survivor: +1d6 for saving throw action points
Light Sleeper: No penalty for being asleep.
Darkvision 60ft.

Ranks (5×7 + 3 = 38 total)
Knowledge (tactics) 3
Speak language (Texan)
Sense motive 9
Perception 8
Acrobatics 4
Athletics 5
Survival 3
Diplomacy/gather information 8

Genetic modifications (mutations)
Flaws/cosmetic: Rapid Aging, Light sensitivity, heat/cold supseptibility, unusual hair (hairless, wears hats and heavy clothes constantly) Nightmares(not actually a mutation), Psychic vulnerability(caused by nightmares), luminous eyes(12 points)
Benefits: Thick Skin(2AC), leaper(10jmp), subdermal armor plates (DR2/-), Reinforced Legs(+10spd), shock absorber (-140ft. falling distance) (12 points)

Gear: 160 TU (not contributing directly to car)
CROSS Depot: Base purchase DC for the purposes of derived costs: 36
Laser: 6d8 electric damage, autofire capable, 75ft. range increment, 50 heat ammo (-1 per shot, -10 per autofire. 1 per round of no shooting, if overheat must wait full cooldown) (42 TU)
Energy Generator: 60TU
Life support system: 5 TU (Purchase DC 14, used mech rules)
Bastion Tactical cover: 5 TU (Purchase DC 14, used mech rules)
Storage Unit: 8TU (two 75lb travel case cost)
Water Storage: 4TU
Tactical Vest: 14 TU (
6, +2 dex, -5 ACP)
Knife: 4TU
Gas Mask w/ tinted lenses (8TU)
Preserved food: 1 week (7TU)
Holy Shield (3TU, +2 defense, -1 ACP)

The CROSS Depot
This man-portable (for a super-soldier, especially one with power armor) supply depot/tactical weapon has the following features, to sustain a stranded unit until supply lines may be reestablished. It weighs 200 pounds. (Keep in mind that I am a reasonable man, and will be willing to trim things down by saying that Nicholas’s particular Depot was incomplete or had faulty features)

Power Armor Fusion Generator: this provides functionally unlimited energy, and has four power cables to power axillary devices. Unlike power armor, this model was designed to be able to be serviced on the field by anyone who had the manual. The manual was also stolen by Nicholas. With appropriate knowledge, one could probably service power armor using the equipment inside, but Nicholas has no clue on how to do that.

Survival Pack: This is pretty much just a water purifier, two heating coils, and some well-designed cookware to minimize storage space consumption, including a combat knife, fishing line, and entrenching tool. There is also a refrigeration unit, but it only has about two cubic feet of space (one must disable the heavy laser to use the refrigerator, as it’s actually to prevent overheating of the laser)

Tactical Heavy Laser: This weapon is mostly used to clear battlefield obstacles, doing immense damage. However, few soldiers use it as a weapon, as they don’t pick up the exotic weapon proficiency feat. Nicholas has, and is fully capable of firing the weapon accurately. Weapon stats: to be determined. The laser is adjustable so that it may do less-powerful functions, such as igniting a campfire.

Communications System: Nicolas removed this feature so that he could not be tracked. It is replaced by a Bible.

Storage Space: The storage can contain up to 12 pistols or 4 rifles. If they are laser weapons, they can be charged while stored. Also, rations may be stored, up to sixty days for one man. These may be shedded in emergencies, lightening the weapon by 40 pounds and whatever was being stored. The shed compartment walls are capable of interlocking into a box, which savvy soldiers can wire the refrigeration unit or the heating unit to create a oven or fridge.

Ballistic Cover Deployment The CROSS depot can, if properly deployed, act as movable cover.


Nicholas Castle used to be known as Delta Bravo, Super-soldier of the Enclave. While he does not discuss this, he defected from the Enclave after becoming disillusioned with the organization’s goals. Stealing one of the Enclave’s Commander’s Reactionary Operations Concealed Supply Depot (The CROSS Depot). He was stationed at a task base, scouting out tribals. Upon realizing several horrible things about the Enclave (the FEV shit, the pure human ethos despite him being more mutated then most mutants, etc.), he set the place to explode, stole enough supplies for a very large trip, and replaced a fallen comrade’s dogtags with his own, lasering the ones from that guy a few days into his trek.

After deserting, he wandered the wasteland towards Texas for a year, pretty much aimlessly until he came across Vash the Humanoid Hurricane. After discussing philosophy with him, Vash led him into the Regulators, seeing some potential in the mysterious man. He is currently traveling the wastes with his fellow initiate Michael Hume to prove his worth to the Regulators so that he may formally join their number.

Nicholas Castle

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