Dan "The Crimson Death" Barnes





Dan was born in the fire resistant “humanoid” city of Northern Houston. After being detained by the New Texas Army in the wasteland, Dan was “commissioned” for scouting duties due to his unique abilities. Among his travels, he had a run in with the Las Chucas Cabras gang after he and a gangmember attempted to exsanguinate each other for the better part of a day. After proving himself to the gang by dragging several members out of a gasoline fire, Dan was allowed to undertake the initiation trials. During the trials the Las Chuca Cabras Lieutenant, Valentino, was his trial master and brutally hazed Dan Barnes.

He managed the trials with the exception of being branded since the brand wouldn’t take. Upon coming back to San Antonio, Valentino had split off from the main Las Chuca Cabras group and formed the Sparklers. Dan Barnes satisfied himself with the fact that he was able to see Valentino’s nuts brutally crushed by Cruch Punch.

After the Time Bandits destroyed a small town, Dan is currently presumed dead and has fled back to the safety of Northern Houston. If the New Republic of Texas finds out that he is alive, he’ll be relentlessly hunted.

Now more mature from his past experiences, this adventurer seeks greater tasks and rewards for himself.

Dan "The Crimson Death" Barnes

Fallout New Texas: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure in New Texas Contemplation