1st Siege of Asgard

Belligerents Caesar’s Legion Asgard
Commanders Legate Brutus Odin Warsong 3rd
Unit Strength 920 Legionaires
80 slaves
184 Mixed Combatants
350 Peasants
Casualties 311 8


Caesar’s Legion’s northern campaign had come to conquer the upper areas of Denver. The residents used silver and gold coins that were desirable to the commanding officers of the Legion. As they approached the western region of Denver they found that the citizens had abandoned the area and taken refuge within the mountains. The Legion quickly pillaged the farms for supplies and burned the remaining crops. Legate Brutus decided to pursue the peasants, anticipating a quick victory. Ominously, The Legion’s scouting missions were met with disaster (later to be revealed that Heimdall foresaw the scouts and coordinated ambushes) and so the main force had to march blindly into the mountainside.

March to Asgard and Siege

The Legion was slowed by lack of intelligence and ambushes set by the members of Asgard. Many legionares were lost due to falling rock traps set by the Asgardians. After a month of navigating the roads into Asgard, The Legion laid siege to the city. The Legate had started his march late in the campaign season (sometime around September) and had thus laid siege in late October.

The Legionaires were ill equipped for Winter, thus Brutus was forced to break the siege and order a forced march back to the lower areas. While the Legion was able to more quickly find their way back, constant boulder ambushes plagued the withdrawal.


Legate Brutus was eviscerated for the disaster and a 2nd campaign was waged the following year.

1st Siege of Asgard

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