2nd Siege of Asgard

Belligerents Caesar’s Legion Asgard
Commanders Legate Publius Odin Warsong 3rd
Unit Strength 1380 Legionaires
120 slaves
184 Mixed Combatants
340 Peasants
Casualties 662 16


Following the disastrous campaign led by Legate Brutus, Legate Publius took his command and pushed forward with a renewed Legion in May.

March to Asgard and Siege

After slowly moving through the mountainous regions for 2 months to avoid boulder traps, The Legion laid siege to Asgard and its people. An initial assault failed as the siege tower was set on fire by a bolt of lightning originating from the keep. After 2 months of siege, a group of Legionaires sent out to hunt stumbled upon the Frost Giants west of Asgard. Legate Publius poor skill at diplomacy led to hostile relations between the two. It is reported that Legate Publius attempted to enslave the Frost Mutants that he encountered.

After three months of assaults by the Frost Mutants on the legionaires, the Legion’s supply lines were stretched thin. This was due to the fact that they could not hunt, they could not plunder supplies as Legate Brutus burned the crops the year prior and their supply convoys were being raided by Frost Mutants.

Legate Publius made the decision to withdraw versus maintaining the siege through winter. During the trek back east, winter came early that year further exacerbating the march.


Legate Publius was eviscerated for the disaster and the Legion abandoned further attempts to conquer the upper areas of Denver having lost 2 full legions. A formal treaty was signed the following spring allowing mutual recognition of sovereignty between Asgard and the Legion. The end of the second Siege also caused the Legion to halt northern expansion due to supply line concerns.

2nd Siege of Asgard

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