Matte painting eragon
Government: Deified Kingdom
Population: 184 in Asgard
379 in Dengraf
Prominent People:
Odin Frostsunder 3rd of his name, High King of Asgard and Protector of Silverthorne Pass
Thor Vingþórr(Hallower) Von Asgard
Monetary System: Gold Coins (scavenged from the United States Denver Mint)
Small use of caps by commoners
Prominent Languages:
Diplomatic Relations:
Lords of the low areas east of Silverthorne
Continual war with the frost giants to the west.
Tribute from Dengraf (Denver county) towards the east
Legal System:
Caste and Judgement by the current Forseti


High in Rocky Mountains in the former state of Denver; standing vigilant at Silverthorne Pass is the city of Asgard. The bombs fell heavy on the site of NORAD, wiping away a literal mountain top and irradiating the nearby areas. The mutations brought on by fallout combined with a Norwegian style town, made the founders of Asgard believe themselves to be the gods of old.

They hold the pass going into the lower lying regions to fend off Blue Super Mutants (FEV virus mutants acclimated to the cold). The Blue Super Mutants were developed for combat in Alaska and Siberia.

The lower lying areas east of Asgard is called Dengraf and is where most of the common people live. As payment for their defense against the Frost Giants beyond the Vail, the residents of the low-lying areas east of Asgard pay tribute in the form of gold, food, and services.

Caesar’s Legion managed to make their way to the Asgard area and waged 2 unsuccessful campaigns against the city before signing a peace treaty. This is detailed in the 1st Siege of Asgard and 2nd Siege of Asgard.


For generations after the Ragnarök (the nuclear apocalypse), which swept away the old gods, the Gods of Asgard have defended the realm against the Frost Giants of the west. As each name symbolizes both an identity and a rank, the Gods pass down their names from generation to generation. As name-sleep claims a member of the Pantheon, a new heir to the name and station is coronated.


Thor has been banished from the city for striking down a servant in anger. His redemption quest is to halt the advance of the New Texas Republic in the region.