Government: Gang
est. 200 NTR census workers are memorialized for their brave sacrifice.
Prominent People:
Vargo the Goat
Monetary System: Caps and Super Soldier Serum
Prominent Languages:
Diplomatic Relations:
Hostile to all except the Faceless
Raiding and Narcotics
Legal System:
Rule by might

“Imagine a town, a beautiful, oldstyle town like in those prewar family sitcoms. White picket fences as far as the eye can see. Someplace just like Mayberry . Sure it has a jail, but that’s just an old museum really. Hell, it’s such a nothing going on place, that a bomb didn’t hit anywhere near it. Now take this town and fill it to the gills with the baddest motherfuckers in the whole goddamn wastes. Cannibals that push drugs even on their own children. You can still see the town there, they didn’t tear it down, why would they? Why doesn’t the city have a wall? I don’t know, maybe they figure that since it’s guarded 24/7/365 by insane massacre vagrants constantly hoped up on Super Soldier Serum that only want to find someone else to kill, rape, and eat; in that order if you’re lucky; the Fiends don’t figure they NEED a wall. That and all the dead bodies tend to drive most people away. The better question is, who’ld be stupid enough to go there that wasn’t a fiend or a faceless? Hell, even the Tin Stars tend to stay away.”
Rango the Gunslinger

Before the war Carthage, also known as Carthage, was the county seat of Palona County of Texas, one of the many counties in Texas. It boasted the only college in the whole county, a little community college right beside city hall, the library, and the old jailhouse (turned into a museum long ago). Beside that was the only hospital in the county too, Palona Hospital. Then the war came and almost everything changed.

Carthage kept it’s name, it was a fitting name after the Fiends came in. The Fiends are raiders sure, but they’re also a tribe, all of them on a cocktail of drugs that gives exactly the same effect as Enclave Super-Soldier Serum. Vargo the Goat leads them, rules from the old Palona Hospital. That’s where they make the drugs that they sell across the whole wasteland. Most of the Fiends that have been captured don’t even know how the stuff is made, only that you do whatever the hell Vargo says or you don’t get anymore of it. You ever seen a man try to get over a Super-Soldier Serum addiction? Must die, usually from suicide, a few from complications. After all, it’s only the most potent cocktail of narcotics, psychotics, painkillers, steroids, and thousands of other chemicals in the whole goddamn world, and that was BEFORE the Great War blew everything to shit. I hear that you need a half dozen doses of fixer just to TRY to kick that. It’s not a monkey on your back, it’s a goddamn GORILLA!

“Sure it looks like you could just walk up. The city hasn’t changed much since the war. The City Hall is now the Common Hall. Most people live in the Hospital now though. The jail is a jail again. There’s no wall, they don’t see a need. Just dozens of bodies hung up, from houses or roofs or walls… some of them are still alive, as amazing as that seems. You ever seen a man forced to eat his own intestines? The Fiends think it’s a great joke that, you see, because whenever the poor bastard swallows, where does it go? Right back into the intestines… that he’s eating… Saw a man take a week to die that way, can you imagine? The fucking bastards actually kept giving him medicine, to make sure that he took longer to die. That’s their idea of a practical joke. Now you know why they’re called the Fiends.” ~ Dead-Eye Darrien, Regulator

It’s one of the only settlements in the wastes, in ANY wastes, without a wall. Plenty of crucified bodies. Piles of skulls, and mutilated bits of men and machines litter the place. After all the Fiends don’t see any reason to pick it up. After all what’s the fun if you remove the obstacle course? Some people still live in the houses, often times guards. Children are often see running around, they’re on drugs too. Vargo the Goat makes sure that everyone gets introduced to the Serum early, and that they get a good taste. The dead, enemy or ally it doesn’t matter, are two things: food and decorations.

Most of the old buildings collapsed, and those were partially scavenged to keep the other structures standing. There are a few dozen houses left standing. The tallest building is the old water tower. Everything radiates out from the Common Hall. The old college, the hospital, the jail, and the “police” station are all radiated around it. There are a couple hundred fiends there at any time. Raiding parties come and go constantly. The place has regular patrols and anyone that isn’t a Faceless or a Fiend can expect a quick death if they’re lucky. If they aren’t so lucky… well the Fiends have a VERY dark sense of humor. It is known that they have a large armory of weapons. The New Texas Republic sent an army to go wipe them out. One blast from a Fat-Man Mini-Nuke and most of that Battalion was killed. The rest fled back being chased by dozens of vehicles. Of the soldiers that lived to tell the tale, only a few weren’t driven mad. It’s even said that some of those madmen became Fiends themselves proving that the Stockholm Syndrome truly knows no bounds.