El Paso

To the west of the Texas Republic, nestled between the threshold of Caesar’s reign and the clutches of the Mexican Empire, lay the city-state of El Paso. Functioning as a center for trade and commerce throughout the region, it acts as a buffer for these three powers. Oddly, it is a fiercely independent city, as any of its citizens would tell you. How then could such a tiny expanse of land remain to fly the flag of its choosing? This independence, most believe, is attributed to nature: mountains and rivers serve as prime defense against any coordinated assault. However, this is only partially true, as most agree that its independence lie on the nine organizations that vie for power within the city itself. Nine gangs with their own set of rules. Gangs that have, whether they intended to or not, These are the nine in El Paso, the City of Gangs.

The Contadors

Money is the universal lubricant, and they provide the means to get it. Bankers and moneylenders, they are more than happy to let you borrow the money, provided of course that you pay them back.

Farmer’s Market

Fiends at El Paso

Hedonists to their very core, these fiends manufacture and distribute the drugs in El Paso. The Fiends at El Paso also run the pleasure houses that dot El Paso’s cityscape where any kink and predilection may be indulged – for a price.

Followers of Steel

Advocates of transhumanism, the belief that humanity may better itself through augmentation and implants, the Followers of Steel are a reclusive lot that provide medical services and technological advancement in the city.

The Lloronas

The Lloronas has two sides to its gang. On one hand, it has the electricians, plumbers, and the workers of El Paso, tasked with the maintenance of the city’s facilities. These members are the lifeblood of El Paso, battling the decay of the wasteland. The other hand of the Lloronas provide the entertainment of the city. Actors and musicians, and the like, the Lloronas is also the soul of the city of gangs.

Los Guerreros

Odin Sons

Powder Rangers

Militant preservationists of El Paso’s parks.

Unified Trader’s Union