“Pack of drugged-out killers. They’re addicted to every pill, every stim, every psychoactive enema on this fucked-up Earth.”
— Major Dhatri
“Made savage by excessive chem use, the Fiends of New Vegas are the most numerous and troublesome raiders of the Mojave Wasteland.”
— Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

Territory: Hold the city of Carthage from all comers, including Regulators and even New Texas Republic.

The Fiends of Texas have little organization except for their occupation of Carthage. Tri-Boob has been found to be a leader of the portion of the gang.

Relations with the outside
The Fiends attack anyone aside from the Faceless, who provide trading services to the Fiends. They are a constant hindering force for the New Texas Republic. The Regulators have sworn an oath to obliterate them, but the Fiend’s access to heavy arms, combined with their constant use of Super Soldier Serum makes this a nearly impossible task for the wandering lawkeepers of the Regulators.

The Fiends make use of what is available in their surroundings, with the most basic approach. Outside, they are usually gathered around campfires, where much of their scavenged items such as first aid and ammunition boxes can be found. At times, they utilize traps in order to protect their shelter, evident in the many traps found inside Zapp’s Neon Signs.
They have a varied set of weapons: energy weapons like laser RCWs and plasma rifles are quite common, while some of them carry flamers. Basic melee weapons include hatchets, knives, and pool cues, while advanced melee weapons like the chainsaw and Ripper are found among a few members. They are mostly found carrying basic guns like caravan shotguns, varmint rifles, and silenced .22 SMGs.

Fiends always have red eyes, a side effect from their constant chem consumption.