Leveling Up a Character

Hit Points

At first level you get full hit points, every level thereafter you get a “generous average” number of hit points. This means you take the max hit point you could roll on the die, divide it in half, and then add 1.

Die Type Hit Points
d4 3
d6 4
d8 5
d10 6
d12 7


While you generally recieve bonus feats for feats, you also recieve a free bonus feat (any one that you qualify for) for being a 1st level, at 3rd level, and every 3 levels thereafter (6, 9, 12, etc).


To make character creation simpler, if a character multi-classes (highly recommended0, they add the listed bonuses shown. This means that your BAB will be lower, but your defense skill and saves will be MUCH higher. For example, Buddy Scouts (whom often multi-class into all base classes) have enormous dodge and save bonuses, but little BAB bonuses, hence their use of explosive “baseballs.”

Entering an Advanced Class

To enter an advanced class you must have all of the mechanically required abilities (the stuff listed in the book) AS WELL AS BE TRAINED BY A MEMBER OF THAT ADVANCED CLASS! Without recieving special training, you cannot enter the advanced class!