New Texas Republic

Thirdflag fr
Government: Constitutional Monarchy with Plutocratic Legislature
est. 750,000 across all territories
Prominent People:
Rick Perry the XIII
Monetary System: Caps
Prominent Languages:
Legal System:
Common Law


Following the events of the great war, many towns not destroyed by the nuclear explosions reverted to forms of tribalism and self-reliance. It was during this era that the Regulators came into prominence as a loose association of the remnants of a legal system.

After the reemergence of Rick Perry the VIIIth from Vault 16 in 2140, a G.E.C.K. was deployed and thus reconstituted the local wasteland around New Austin. With the vast resources stockpiled in the vault, a new regime was quickly installed and the neighboring tribes were assimilated into the New Republic. By 2160, the Republic established itself as the dominant power in the region after the Regulators ceded their military role to the NTR army.

In 2193 the Oklahoma territories experienced a famine due to a severe drought, the United 45 tribes of Oklahoma requested aide from the Republic. Rick Perry the Xth used the excuse of sending aide as a means to impose sovereignty over the area. While the tribes of Oklahoma were able to readily pick their battles, the famine had weakened the interior and the Republic used their economic might to curtail traders from trading with the 45 tribes. On Dec, 2195, Oklahoma was formally annexed and incorporated into the NTR. Oklahoma still experiences a strong amount of resistance though it is mostly limited to supply convoy raids and trade disruption.

New Texas Republic

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