Oklahoma Resistance

Prominent People:
Storm Raven


In Dec of 2193, Oklahoma was annexed by the New Texas Republic. The war effort by the United 45 tribes of Oklahoma had failed due to a severe famine caused by a drought that wiped out much of the crops and graze able land.

Many within the United 45 tribes felt bitter about the newly imposed taxes and the fact that the NTR had not won a single decisive battle. Up until annexation, the occupying NTR forces were unable to adapt to the guerrilla tactics used by the natives. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing famine, the tribes could not continue the war effort through the winter as it would have meant the starvation of thousands.

The tribes that felt that they should continue the war effort have split apart into a separate faction.


Resistance to Texas sovereignty has gone underground. While a constant nuisance to the NTR supply lines and outposts, their damage in recent years has been limited. The most recent notable raid included several of the survivors reporting on seeing streaks of lightning on a clear night.

While vastly outnumbered, members of the Oklahoma resistance have been able to evade capture through a combination of survival skill, geographic knowledge and popular support by non-combatants in the region.

Oklahoma Resistance

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