“One riot,one ranger.”
-William Jesse McDonald

Para Law Enforcement operating out of the New Texas Republic region. Outposts throughout the Texas region. Not to be confused with Regulators operating out of the California and Washington D.C area.

Notable Members:

Vash the Humanoid Hurricane – Leader of the Regulators
Dead-Eye Darien- Senior Marshall Operating out of Lufkin


During the formative years after The Great War, many of the remaining towns in Texas were untouched and needed to organize for their own defense against roving thugs. Various remnants of law enforcement agencies in the area, began to reconnect and organize to deal with the increasing threat of raiders. Approximately sixty years after the war, legends hold that a lone walker Texas ranger came and gave the regulators their name before riding off to glory.

After the New Texas Republic came into power in the region, the regulators rearranged themselves from a paramilitary role towards a bounty hunting role. The regulators still have the trappings of law enforcement and have similar powers as the former United States Marshall’s Service or the Texas Rangers.


Currently the regulators are an independent agency operating within the borders of Texas and Oklahoma. They do have close ties to the NTR military and have been known to provide collaborate on occasion.

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