The Family

Government: Council of elders headed by The Patriarch
Population: 41
Prominent People:
Dan, The Crimson Death Barnes
Ezekiel Cullen
The Patriarch
Monetary System: Caps
Prominent Languages:
Diplomatic Relations:
Protectorate of New Texas Republic de facto independent
Legal System:

In the flaming wastes of Northern Houston, The Family is a community of fire resistant mutants that were isolated for generations after the great war. The community survived off of salvaging the remains of the Houston wasteland and trapping Firelurks. After the rise of The New Republic of Texas in the region, The Family was able to increase their wealth by trading salvage that other prospectors were unable to reach.

Currently the town is raised up slightly on a hill that is surrounded by a moat of fire. The fire is kept from the main town by a series of barricades with spikes.


After the Great War, Houston was reduced to a crater that quickly filled up with sea water. The oil from nearby oil fields and refineries were set ablaze and created a perpetually burning lake. “Survivors” in Northern Houston found themselves an island in the middle of the burning waters.

After years of mutations the town of Northern Houston found that the fires had died down enough to make contact with the wider world again. Thus Northern Houston began trade with the New Texas Republic.


Currently the town of Northern Houston is officially under the protection of the New Texas Republic. The de facto protection is offered by the flaming moat that still engulfs the town. The Patriarch realizes that one day, the fires will fade and with it, Texas Troops would come. Currently the New Texas Republic taxes the town indirectly through tarrifs on all imports and exports for the town.