The Nautilus Club

Government: Series of Committees
Population: 783
Prominent People:
Monetary System: Political Capital
Prominent Languages:
Pre-war English
Diplomatic Relations:
Undersea Mining and advanced aquaculture
Legal System:
Bureaucratic Protocol


Prior to the bombs, The Nautilus Club was a group of scientists from a government oceanic survey attempting to find new sources of oil out in the Gulf of Mexico. The central underwater station was also built with vault-like features due to the extended amount of time that the scientists would spend under the ocean. The energy source for the station was generated by a geothermal reactor. After the great war, the scientists of central station began careful micro-control of resources due to their limited ability to obtain new resources underneath the ocean.

In recent years, undersea mining robots have made it possible to expand manufacturing and geothermal energy output. Despite the increased resources of The Nautilus Club, the spiraling bureaucracy has remained thus impeding change.


The Nautilus Club has recently debated the prospect of making a foray into the remnants of the former United States. This motion has been tied in the special subcommittee of oversight towards the font committees decision to print the inter-committee memos in Arial.

Danny Li and the Brute is on an expedition to the New Texas Republic.

The Nautilus Club

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