…hope you never have to see ‘em. They turn into animals. They forget who they are. They just eat, sleep, fuck, and kill.

— Wernher
Trog is a common name for humans that have become infected with the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion (or “TDC”), and slowly degenerated into scampering troglodytes who fear the light.
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The PittEdit
Trogs reside in The Pitt (formerly Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). Due to the town’s infestation with the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion, around 25% of the populace have transformed into these wild, chattering monstrosities, hiding in darkness and attacking anything on sight. However some of their idle chatter suggests that they still have some shred of intellect, such as murmuring thanks to the player when killed, or random words such as ‘kill’. Still all evidence indicates their degeneration overpowers all their humanity, as they will kill even friends and loved ones with savage violence.
The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Van BurenEdit
The trogs of Van Buren differ greatly, especially in the sense that they retain a large portion of their intelligence. The trogs of Hoover Dam, while not pleasant to look at, look much more human than their Pitt counterparts. A trog’s skin has a dull white color and their hair (in the case of those trogs who do have it) is a yellowish color due to a deficiency of melanin. The trade-off is that their skin became thicker, making them more resilient to their hazardous environment. They are, however, very sensitive to light, a trait they share with their more animalistic brethren from The Pitt.
The Hoover Dam trogs were nomadic at one time thanks to a cave-in at their previous dwellings. Before Dodge and his troops came to Hoover, Billy-Bob and his trogs took up residence in Baseline, figuring it was pretty secure from caving in. No one argued with the trogs, and when Dodge came to Hoover, he asked if they would help out Otto with the maintenance in exchange for food, goods, and water. The trogs accepted and have been content ever since to mosey around Baseline making sure every light was flashing correctly.

End of information based on Van Buren.

Concept art for Trogs in The Pitt.
As a direct result of their disease, trogs are hairless, naked, primate-like creatures with long, gangly arms and legs that crawl on all fours. Their skin appears raw and wrinkled, and their faces are scrunched into permanent scowls, with their teeth constantly bared. They have four fingers and four toes, and their feet appear to be in the process of turning into “hands”, adding to their primate-like appearance. They have no external genitalia, or any other visual clues to their gender, ruling out sexual reproduction.
Gameplay attributesEdit
Despite their savage appearance, trogs are capable of hunting in packs like wolves. While some may simply charge at the player head-on, others will attempt to sneak up on the player from behind or above. Their speed is almost on par with a yao guai, and they are able to leap even farther.
Trog packs usually circle their prey, slowly closing in, and the player can be quickly surrounded if they aren’t careful. Although trogs are known to be extremely photosensitive, in-game trogs will actively pursue the player through light and dark alike. However, they will only spawn in darkened areas, such as the steelyard, Power Plant, and abandoned apartments; not in lit places such as Uptown even though they are one door away from its streets.

Trogs are no more durable than standard humans; a basic trog is on par with a basic feral ghoul, and even the powerful trog brutes and savages are still only on par with standard raiders in terms of health. However, they are much faster than normal humans, have fairly powerful melee attacks, and rarely hunt alone. Additionally, trogs are usually fought while the player is poorly equipped, as the player’s equipment is taken away upon entering The Pitt, and good weapons and armor can be hard to come by in The Pitt until the player finishes the Arena and enters Uptown.


Regular trogs are the most common type of trog on normal difficulty. These are larger than trog fledglings, but are still vulnerable to headshots from high-powered weapons. In terms of damage and health they’re on par with mole rats or basic feral ghouls.
Name (Base ID) Statistics Behavior Abilities Items

Melee ( 16 )
Junk items
Trog bruteEdit

Trog brutes are the most common trogs on very hard difficulty. They are only slightly larger than regular trogs, but have almost double the health. They will take more time and effort than usual to put down. The same rule applies: target the head. The legs can be crippled to slow their attacks to a crawl if a fight begins to get overwhelming. Trog brutes are actually on par with mid-level raiders and most standard human non-player characters in terms of health, although their melee attacks are fairly powerful.
Name (Base ID) Statistics Behavior Abilities Items
Trog brute

Melee ( 32 )
Junk items
Trog fledglingEdit

These trogs are the smallest and weakest of the trog family, however they are still quite fast and may overwhelm an unaware player. Headshots from decent weapons are usually fatal. In fact they are one of the weakest creatures in the game (on par with bloatflies or radroaches in terms of health and attack damage). Players level 7 and below will primarily encounter this type of trog. They are easily dispatched with a .32 pistol and other small weapons.
Name (Base ID) Statistics Behavior Abilities Items
Trog fledgling

Melee ( 5 )
Junk items
Trog savageEdit

These trogs are the strongest and most powerful trogs in The Pitt. They are encountered rarely, but are essentially trog brutes with slightly more health. It helps considerably to bring a high-powered gun such as Lincoln’s repeater or the Blackhawk. Although only slightly tougher than trog brutes, trog savages have powerful melee attacks similar in damage potential to those of a giant radscorpion or mirelurk hunter. They appear to have a red-ish skin color.

When facing a trog, they will sometimes mutter words like “hate”, “kill”, and “food”, suggesting that trogs have some semblance of their former humanity left, but are unable to fight their animalistic hunger. Some can even be heard muttering “…peace” or “thank you” right before they die.

The Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion or Troglitic Degeneration Contagion (TDC) is a degenerative disease that plagues all the inhabitants of The Pitt. According to Dr. Sandra Kundanika, it is the result of intensively concentrated ambient radiation exposure combined with the unique industrial toxins and pollutants in the region that surrounds what was once Pittsburgh, an effect that is intensified by the fact that half of the Pitt’s inhabitants have resorted to cannibalism.
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According to Dr. Kundanika, all people who live in TDC-active areas experience skin lesions after a few weeks of exposure. These are reversible, as they may clear after a month or more away from the area. For many sufferers this is the full extent of the effect. For a certain percentage of people exposed to the toxins of the Pitt region, TDC also alters the brain chemistry and thereby produces psychological effects, turning the affected into wildmen.
Approximately 20% of the adults exposed to the TDC lose higher reasoning and motor skills over the course of several years, degenerating into the feral mutants called “trogs”. Nobody has ever recovered from full degeneration, although there are rumors that trogs retain some memories and recognize the faces of loved ones.

Children born in TDC-infested areas have a nearly 100% degeneration rate, turning feral within weeks after birth, with one sole exception.

Marie, daughter of Sandra Kundanika and Ishmael Ashur, was born with a natural adaptive immunity to TDC, offering hope that one day a cure for the Pitt’s whole population can be developed. So far, the efforts at synthesizing this cure have been slow-going, mostly because Marie is still a baby, and, being the only test subject, she must be treated with care.