Government: Local Mayor Yo-yo on the Radio
Population: 87
Prominent People:
Yo-yo on the Radio
Mundy Sweet
Monetary System: Caps
Prominent Languages:
Diplomatic Relations:
Vassal of New Texas Republic
Apocalypse Now; The Seven Magnificent Friends
The AntAgonizer
Farming, and Nuka-Cola salvage
Legal System:
Trial by Mayor


After the bombs fell the town of Waco eventually reformed into some semblance of a community with the primary economic activities being farming, distilling and salvaging. The city became prosperous as a Nuka Cola bottling plant was unearthed in the area. Following the discovery, the town was attacked by the Nuka Cultists in their bid to receive enough Universal Product Codes to “ascend into heaven”. The Time Bandits intervened and defeated the Nuka Cultists with only minor damage to the town.

The Time Bandits managed to defend the city against several waves of ants from The AntAgonizer’s 2nd war campaign.