Fallout New Texas: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure in New Texas

Rampage Entry: Cool Headed Planning?


The party has discussed in detail plans on how to acquire the Senator’s Son from the Fiends, Specifically Skat-eye, daughter to Vargo the Goat. Our plan and backup plans are numerous.


The Gourmet and Thor(Disguised in Fiend Armor) go to the Hospital to invite Skat-eye and the Senator’s son to a delicious picnic at the outskirts of Carthage, offering her an opportunity to taste meat she has most definitely not had before (Remaining Antidote Burger, if necessary)

If she accepts, then Great, we offer to trade her the burger for the Senator’s Son, or Thor’s Leg as a sample of Asgardian Meat (That we regenerate with a stim).
If she’s attached to the Senator’s Son for some reason or has the inclination to travel to further her meat-eating mission, we can offer to take her in as a party member, gaining an alliance with the Fiends, and possibly scoring a vehicle and supplies.

If she accepts but doesn’t want to bring the Senator’s Son, or flat out refuses, then the Gourmet will do what he can to distract her while the rest of the party moves on to the subsequent plans. As long as he does not make any references to having ties with us, he(and his driver) shouldn’t be in danger.

Thor(Hyped up on Super Soldier Serum) uses Ziggy’s grapple gun to reach the top of the hospital, grab the Senator’s son, jump off the building to the nearest manhole, and retreats, meeting with the party at a previously discussed location, most likely the drainage ditch where the sewers end. By travelling in the sewers, we will eliminate the usefulness of the fiend’s overwhelming superiority in both vehicles and weaponry.

Create Diversion in the fiends by planting explosives(and smoke grenades to make the effects more visible) on the opposite end of town to draw fiend forces away from Thor’s escape route.

Create a false report of a vulnerable regulator supply shipment to draw more forces from Carthage, as well as report in on their frequency to give misinformation on Thor’s whereabouts if and when they realize he took the Senator’s Son.
-ex: “I just saw him on the north side of town, the bastard stole one of our bikes!”

Alternatively, we can seek to create interference on the Fiends frequency using either a local transmitter or getting Yo-Yo to broadcast on their frequency, though sewing disinformation is more likely to be an effective strategy.

The Buddy scout infiltrates the compound and sabotages as many fiend vehicles as possible, preferably the helicopters and most well armed vehicles, possibly stealing one himself to escape/appear like a fiend patrol, if deemed necessary.

Honorable Mentions:
Finding an untapped oil well near the town and drilling a path between the Carthage and it in order to fill the sewers with natural gas and blow up/collapse the entire town in on itself.
As it turns out, there are multiple Natural Gas facilities in Carthage, so filling the sewers with gas and blowing them up is looking more and more doable.

Here is Jeffrey’s Breakdown

Operation Oceans Apocalyptic Magnificent Bastards
Alpha Team: Kirk Mask feeds disinformation regarding to the Fiends regarding a fake regulator convoy with enticing loot. We’ll get Dead-Eye Darien to write up the fake report on the convoy. This will be used to draw off some of the Fiend fighting force.

Bravo Team: Mundy Sweet will come in and offer a picnic for Skadii including the antidote burger.

Objective Papa: If she brings out the Senator’s son, then Thor will grab him while riding off in a Ducati with Road Warrior.

Objective Quebec: If she doesn’t bring out the Senator’s son, then we’ll go ahead and feed the fiends a bunch of sleeping pill laced food.

Charlie Team: While Bravo distracts the fiends.

Objective Romeo: Buddy Scout will be disguised as a Fiend and sabotaging the Fiend vehicles. Buddy Scout will leave a vehicle undamaged so that we may arrange for an escape if needed.

Objective Sierra Thor will join Charlie disguised as a fiend if the conditions for Objective Victor are not met. Miles will join Thor as a fiend in entering the encampment. Thor and Miles will either talk or grapple-hook to the top of the tower to retrieve Senator’s Son.

Delta Team: Ziggy will be preparing explosives on the side of the city opposite of Charlie Team’s planned escape vector.

Epsilon Team: Sniper will take a position along the escape vector to cover a retreat. He will also serve as Rally point Foxtrot where everyone will reconvene to either cripple pursuing Fiends or make a hasty retreat.

Operation Django
We trade Asgardian meat and Burger Meister burger for Senator’s Son.


Peeps seem to understand how the plan should run. The whole operation is mulch-layered with independent concurrent operations to maximize the chance for success.

A – Bad Intel

Faceless attempts to feed the Fiends disinformation about a Regulator convoy with enticing loot. With Darien’s help, this should be a fairly convincing forgery. The purpose of this fake intel is to draw as many of the fiends away from Carthage as possible. This should make sneaking around less hazardous, and our escape more in the realm of reality, not pie in the sky lunacy.

Afterwards there is the option(A.2) to delay operations, and send more bad intel to further waste Fiend resources. However this delay shouldn’t be more than a few hours, since a day is much too long to wait. We have a week, some less, to live and the trip to Lubbock is quite a long trip itself.

In anycase(A.3), we must make every effort to jam Fiend radios. If Ziggy can listen into the Fiend frequencies, then he can relate them to Yo-Yo. Yo-Yo can then blast their frequencies keeping them from actually communicating properly.

B – Pinic

Mundy and Miles invite Skaddi to a pinic with her favorite boytoy. This is the first opportunity to talk to the Fiends and circumvent all manner of explosions, massacring, and guileless thievery. An Ideal location would be outside Carthage or in an isolated area. Hopefully whether or not she brings the Son, she will come with few or no other fiends. Several members of AN! should be close by to act quickly. All effort should be made to negoitate with Skaddi. Offering her new meats and adventure.

With a successful negotiation nothing else is required, and the Operation ends. Else if she brings the Son, we clock her and take the Son retreating to Rally point Foxtrot for the rest of the operation. Else if she didn’t bring the son, all effort should be made to keep her away as long as possible while other exactions are attempted.

C – Grapple Gun

Having sneaked into Cartage via the Sewer System, Thor will attempt to capitalize on Skaddi’s attention distracted elsewhere. This par of the operation needs to acted quickly and the use of Super Soldier Serum could be very beneficial here. But remember the risk of addiction! Using Ziggy’s Grapple Gun, Thor will ascend to the floor of the Senator’s Son, locate the son as quickly as possible, then jump back out the window. After hopefully surviving the decent, Thor will retreat to the Sewers with the Son in tow. This is possibly the most important part of the operation since if acted it can’t fail.

NOTE:This version of the plan has little support for Thor, maybe we can work another member close by in case shit goes down.

D – Distracting Explosion

Ziggy attempts to divide the explosive responsibilities between him and Buddy. The purpose of this part of the operation is to draw the Fiends attention away from the actual escape taking place. For now, Ziggy will place explosives opposite Rally Point Foxtrot. They should be remote activated so that when we start running for our lives, Ziggy can press a button and explode the lot of them.

E – Heli-Bomb

Possibly the second most important part of the operation. If this fails then the Fiends would quickly catch up to the party and massacre us. Buddy will infiltrate the Fiend carpark and sabotage as many Fiend vehicles as possible. Subtly can be exercised if necessary. Filling the tanks with sand or dirt will be satisfactory. However if we use remote explosives, it could be very satisfying taking out the Fiends for chasing us.

Also fairly beneficial would be grabbing a Vehicle and driving that to Rally point Foxtrot. This will facilitate escaping with our lives and all our juicy meaty parts intact.

F – Sewer Rats

Simply means we hide in the Sewers for awhile during the operation. However these time slots can be reworked for additions into the plan. At the moment, I only have a few other targets we can hit. The Armory is questionable…

H – Leave Carthage at rendezvous

Meet up at the Rally point, ride our vehicles/horses/SSS crazy legs. Because remember Super Solider Serum boosts the travel distance of the User, in an emergency running for our lives hopped up on SSS is an option.

Here’s a chronological break-down of the plan with party members

Buddy Faceless Ziggy Mundy Miles Thor
- A.1 - - - -
- F - F A.2 F


Because I suck at tabbing

Buddy Faceless Ziggy Mundy Miles Thor
- A.1 - - - -
- F - F A.2 F

Lets roll these fools.


Table: Vehicles
Name Crew Pass Cargo Init Maneuver Top Speed Defense Hardness Hit Points Size Purchase DC Restriction
Civilian Aircraft
Bell Jet Ranger (helicopter) 1 4 250 lb. –4 –4 245 (25) 6 5 28 G 39 Lic (1)
Bell Model 212 (helicopter) 2 13 5,000 lb. –4 –4 200(20) 6 5 36 G 45 Res (

Here are the stats for helicopters


Good job getting stats together guys but remember that plan discussion more properly belongs in the forums. Also, I am AWESTRUCK that your plan is A). Coherent, B). multi-layered for multiple opportunties for success, and C). Actually potentially workable. CONGRATULATIONS! THERE WILL BE PLANNING XP FOR ALL!

As for specific comments, I’m still not so sure about how you’re all going to get away safely from Skaddi if this whole thing goes bust. Also remember that the only one that would really raise the alarm if you took the senator’s son would be Skaddi and her personal guard. However if she gave him to you willingly then she wouldn’t turn hostile and you could just walk right out.


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