Fallout New Texas: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure in New Texas

Rampage Entry, Dick Chopping and Whoring


After much deliberation, the members of Apocalypse Now decided that they would whore their way through their difficulties.

Scout Report

We went into the fiends hideout today. Its not many a day one can say that. And then left, almost non can say that. I don’t think I’ll go back.

The last time we meet the fiends, fargo had carnal relations with their leader. Today he banged their queen in a three-way. I’m sensing a disturbing pattern.

We have picked up the mute Senator’s Son. and instead of taking him back to Austin , we are taking him to Lubbock. My home. To the infamous burger miester.

The BM had already poisoned them. If only they had let me explain. but no one listens to me.Still plenty of grenades handy, that’s a plus. Ever since I had to help a buddy out to Dallas, I had been making my way back

Trapped in the Wastes, I find himself leaping from deed to deed, putting things right, that once went wrong and hoping each time, that my next deed will be the deed home.

After all this time I’m finally going home.

Odin den utspekulerte 1st year Heyannir Day 12

We have retrieved Son the Senator and are on our way to Lubbock. The price I paid was merely chopping off my God-manhood and growing it back. I felt considerably lighter without the mighty hammer to swing as I took my strides.

The Fiends were numerous and rarely had body parts from less than three different Midgardians. I had thought that Niflheim was the worse fate that could befell a warrior.

Miles Anus Asunder (FoHN) took the Demon Queen to bed. Coincidentally Skadi means “loss” in my tongue, which is what happened to Miles’ pride… He made noises that will haunt my dreams until my namesleep occurs.

Ziggy’s Log: Stardate…Still ticking somehow

Nothing makes sense anymore. Not to suggest that it ever really did, but the little amount of sense that the world appeared to make was also a lie. Science is my only sanctuary, except for probability. Probability be damned.

I’m not entirely sure how, but our murderhappy band of insane and moronic vagrants managed to enter the central stronghold of one of the few groups that is even more insane and moronic, Thanks to my excellent planning, thank you very much, and actually left without getting into a single altercation or unplanned dismemberment. Having run the numbers, the likelyhood of relatively simple diplomacy with the daughter of Vargo the Goat working was absurdly slim at best. So much for all that planning. Well, now the Ethereal Burgerfiend has left us a murdervan and burgers. I decided to stash mine (and the buddy scout’s) for later. Oh, and we got an aptly named ‘Doom Buggy’ and a chest full of caps.

But poisonous death still looms near, not to mention the potential for whatever other horrible beef-fatality the Burgermeister might also have planned for us.

There’s no way someone can be that stealthy…He must have a cloaking device of some kind. I’ll be researching the topic on our way to Lubbock. There must be a means of countering such a technology. Perhaps a sack of flour…or napalm…or both. If we manage to defeat the Burgermeister and obtain his cloaking device, I may be able to apply the technology to Waco, making it the safest of havens. Such a device will still need the massive amount of energy only made possible by a nuclear plant. People are wary of such power, but perhaps if it were underground, where the risk of nuclear meltdown could be subverted by the ability to bury the damned place at a moment’s notice. Though giant ants could still pose a problem. Perhaps a force field? I’m pretty sure I heard the enclave have them, but those guys are assholes, and I don’t think they’d appreciate a mutated individual such as myself asking for such a high tech device.
A personal version would allow me to be an amazing boon to my continued survival.

Miles’s Journal Entry III

The mercenary group, Apocalypse Now: The Seven Magnificent Friends, has secured target, Marcus Antonius from captor, Skadi the Cannibal Queen (see appendix) in exchange of a sexual encounter with me and target, along with items: a.) one (1) Burgermeister burger, and b.) Thor’s genitals. Negotiations went according to plan with no shots fired or casualties.

Target is in a state of catatonia, believed to be caused by prolonged physical, emotional, and mental duress suffered in extended captivity. However, health of target is within acceptable objective parameters. Damage of target therefore negligible.

Apocalypse Now: The Seven Magnificent Friends has been supplied with a vehicle. The vehicle is a white ice cream van. After a routine check, the group has not found explosives or tracking devices within the vehicle. Due to the discovery of seven (7) burgers, seven (7) boxes of french fries, and eighty-four (84) caps in total within the vehicle, there is evidence of the Burgermeister’s involvement, whose m.o. is similar.

The Burgermeister is an enigmatic and eccentric individual whose motivations and allegiances are still unknown. The extent of the Burgermeister’s political reach is unknown. Favors stealth and subtlety, utilizing poisoned burgers. Hires mercenaries. Extent and source of wealth undetermined. Extremely dangerous. Recommended course of action: to be decided.

Currently en route to Lubbock, Texas.



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