Fallout New Texas: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure in New Texas

Rampage Entry, Rocky Training Montage

Current Party:

Frank “Ziggy” Murdoch
Yo-yo on the Radio
Mundy “The Gourmet” Sweet
Nicholas Castle
Buddy Scout
Michael Hume
A few other dicks

This’ll be a forum for the downtime in Waco that our characters are experiencing. (Our group has decided to spend 1 month in downtime)

Feel free to edit this page.

Character Epilogue Index for Ant Invasion of Waco; or, How These Dicks Choose to Waste 730.484 Hours:

Mundy “The Gourmet” Sweet

“Where?” Mundy Sweet asked the man from the radio. Sweet could not for the life of him remember the mayor’s name. Why is that? Spite, maybe? It was not the man’s fault that it wasn’t the real AntAgonizer. There are just somethings outside a man’s control, and a woman’s bitchiness is one of them. At least I’m getting an establishment all my own, he thought.

The mayor pointed lazily at a nondescript building that had a huge dirty window, and said, “there”. Mundy looked at the place, shrugged, and dragged his weight towards it. To his surprise, the place had everything he needed really – a kitchen, a glass counter, and space enough for tables and seats. Of course it needed work, lots of it, but work that could be done in less than a month. Either the mayor knew exactly what Sweet was looking for or pure simple luck.

“Luck,” Sweet muttered to himself. He caught a reflection of himself from one of the displays.

His impressive bulk stood grotesque with the interior, his body out of place as always. He needed someone to run this place, he thought. Sooner or later the wanderlust will take hold of him, and who knows what he’ll do? This is his place now, he thought to himself, and the gravity of it suddenly hit him. It was the first real bid of permanence he ever had. Decades of running-and-gunning, scraping by the skin of his teeth. This was it. A place to call his own. If he ever wanted to just rest, this was it.

He’s left a part of himself in Waco now, whether he wanted to or not. Maybe even a home? Mundy Sweet pushed the thought out of his mind (“too soon,” he said), and placed more practical matters into it. He had to teach someone that’s for sure. Preparing, cooking, serving. The trade. He also needs to contract a supplier for meats and assorted supplies. One of his old buddies, maybe? Back when he used to run with the caravans. Plates, forks, knives. Ingredients: salt and pepper. Iguana, Brahmin, even Mirelurk meat. Sadly, he was fully aware that his specialty meats would not be as well-received in this community.

As his thoughts wandered Mundy suddenly felt the pangs of weakness gnawing at his insides. It wasn’t hunger. The drugs were starting to wear off. He had a lot of work to do, he knew this. So first on the agenda: to name the place.

It didn’t take him long, of course. It wasn’t even difficult at all. He grinned to himself a manic grin. He knew what he’d name the place, and it would be:

“Shanks for the Memories”

Thor’s Codex


Odin den utspekulerte 1st year Sólmánuður 22nd day
By the Allfather’s beard we have claimed a great victory this day by slaying the AntAgonizer, second of her name. The victory feast threatened to break the tables upon which the platters of food sat. The only dish that I declined to sample was a small plate of strange meat that the Gourmet called, “Sapien Tartar.”

Odin den utspekulerte 1st year Sólmánuður 23rd day
By Loki’s deceiving mouth, I feel like a dozen frost giants are playing tönga honk with my head! (I believe that the mortals call this the war of tugging)

Odin den utspekulerte 1st year Heyannir 5th day
These mortals are weak! They collapse after only running only fifteen rosts. (as the mortals would say miles)

Ziggy’s Log – Stardate Eh…1, after The Second? Great Ant War of Waco:

After the thorough killing of the second AntAgonizer, apparently one of multiple Ant lieutenants or some such nonsense. The Mayor, “Yo-yo” has agreed to give me the rights to a sizable warehouse conveniently located behind Nicholas Castle’s church, free reign to what scraps of technology Waco had left lying about. three interns, two of which are of Asian heritage.

Despite my very confident assertion that I could potentially increase his powers of influence tenfold and make him immortal, Yo-Yo has insisted upon declining my offer to make him one with his radio station. While I am forced to respect his decision, I find his serious lack of vision irksome. Still, he seems largely fine with me conducting my projects as long as they don’t involve hard-wiring his biology into electronics.

Ziggy’s Log – Post-AntWar Stardate 5:

The mayor had a local named “Zeke” take me what Waco’s stockpile of what Zeke referred to as “Blinkin’ Nerd Shit.” I intend to sterilize Zeke sometime after I convince him I have developed a formula that will make his skin bulletproof.

My interns, Xiang, Daisuke, and Chet are all fairly intelligent (by the backwater standards most people seem to go by these days), eager to learn, and willing to work. They’ve all been extremely helpful in establishing my first serious workplace since Rudy came and SERIOUSLY FUCKED MY SHIT UP. Also, I’ve decided that I dislike Chet and his smugly tilted baseball cap.

There is much work to be done before Waco is made a truly suitable place to live. Before I leave, it will truly be a fortress for humanity.

Ziggy’s Log – Post-AntWar Stardate 9:
I fucking hate ants. I’ve dissected more goddamned arthropods than I ever cared to see in my life. Also, I’m fairly certain I’ll never get all the ant blood stains out of my coat. Even after boiling it in bleach, I still looks like a goddamn tie-dye hippy ‘save the trees’ researcher. The trees are gone for a reason. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID.
…Still no news on Rudy.

Ziggy’s Log – Post-AntWar Stardate 11:
We have finished repairing and upgrading Waco’s sewers and plumbing in general. I can finally shit again. I’ve felt like dying these last few weeks. Now to find some usable isotopes. Since the kind priest won’t share his, I’ll have to make my own reactor. Shouldn’t be too hard, I told the Interns to look for viable sources of nuclear fuel while I piece together what I can.

Ziggy’s Log – Post-AntWar Stardate 14:
The Interns came through, apparently there was an Uranium processing plant in Hobson, TX, nearly four hours South-Southwest of Waco. It’s dangerously close to the territory of Los Chupacabros, not to mention that I’m going to need to go through the Austin on the way there. Hopefully the rest of the gang will be willing to assist my expedition.

Michael “Redeye” Hume

Journal Entry #446

Nickolas and I have managed to deal with the threat of the AntAgonizer and her army of mutant, giant, Ants. But, Nickolas has heard another call from “God” to minister to the good people of Waco(read drug induced hallucinations), and decided to stay for a while.

Journal Entry #447

I managed with the help of Buddy, Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Sweet. To retrieve all my railgun bolts an most of the ammo that was expended during the fighting. And have repaired them. Also have asked permission to Renovate the Horowitz, “The Big Metal Penis” So that it be used as a Deploy-able Artillery and Mobile Reconnaissance Vehicle.


Thor will be helping rebuild the wall, and assisting Nicholas Castle train the town militia. With Ziggy’s help, I can also help dig out an improved irrigation system to improve the local economy.


Mundy Sweet will open up a butcher shop-slash-deli in Waco. Also, he’ll teach a couple of dudes cooking. On top of that, he’ll use his connections with the merchants to establish a trading route into the city.


Ziggy’s working on repairing the Waco Sewers, fixing the plumbing/running water + irrigation (presumably messed up when ants started exploding their way into the sewers and we started blasting towards them, and finally investigating potent sources of radiation. Thus far the closest logical location to find usable Uranium is at the old Uranium Processing plant in Hobson, TX, nearly four hours South-Southwest of Waco. Thinking it’ll be a good place to make a quick trip to get the necessary fuel for a nuclear reactor.


Cameron’s character should say, “I’m going to build my own reactor, with booze and hookers and blackjack.”


Up until our characters technically gained permanent residence in Waco, a term a buddy of mine coined fit our particular group of dicks’ attitudes well, treating the world like a “murderhobo playground.” Who am I kidding, that’s every adventure group.


So whose characters would be game for a Trip to Hobson, TX? Seems like a good way to get the party to meet the Senator’s Son, Los Chupacabros, and get some leftover refined Uranium.


Since again, Austin is on the way and San Antonio is very close to Hobson.


Also, providing nigh-unlimited energy to a town seems like a good way to gain support for a revolution. This is especially true in Waco, since Yo-Yo will most likely rub how awesome Waco is in everyone’s face.


We already have the support of the Los Chucas Cabras. I vote to get support from the Brotherhood of Steel.


Actually, our current set of characters has no affiliation with Los Chupacabros, or the Senator’s son.


I guess we need to go back to Austin to meet up with Senator’s son in order to regain our past work on the matter.


Then we can go get the brotherhood of steel’s help in toppling the current regime? Also, Jason needs to hand out experience points.


You know what would help rally support? Yo-Yo blasting the airwaves about how we made Waco a booming Utopia by HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE ATOM!


And it’s seriously on the way.


I think if we advertise it, then people will flock and cause issues with overpopulation. Also we can fib up the truth and propaganda in other ways. But I guess a trip to the San Antonio region wouldn’t be so bad. We could try to get the ghouls on our side.


I love you guys! This stuff is great! Some of you haven’t posted back though! Sorry I kinda died back there. Also, whom can make it this upcoming Tuesday for a game?


Also you guys aren’t the most magnificent bastards I’ve ever played with but you’re GODDAMNED CLOSE!


You have insulted the time bandit’s honor prepare for explosions.


Thor also gets a húskarl (housecarl) to act as the captain of the guard while he is away. His Name is Bill The Bale Hauler (3rd of his name).


Also, you are seriously underestimating what my character and his two Asian Grad Students(and Chet) can accomplish WITH an actual reliable power supply (like charging modded hybrid construction equipment to actually repair the highway/wall)


And it would probably be good to set up some signal repeaters on the way to Austin/San Antonio, so that Waco can actually Receive transmissions.


I figure some repeaters will help strengthen the weaker signals being broadcast from elsewhere.


We could do all of these things after we’ve conquered the Republic. Just saying. I think getting the BoS on board would be the easier way to get an injection of military power. (in the short term)


and the Brotherhood of Steel would most definitely enjoy hearing about our responsible and beneficial use of technology.


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