Fallout New Texas: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure in New Texas

Rampage Entry: They'd all be dead if we could only hit them!

PC’s For Session:
Watson and Crick
Citizen Bane

Howling Moon

The League of Shadows approached the Heartbreaker Motel under the cover of darkness. They developed the strategy of forming a two-pronged assault where Bane and Howling Moon would assault the front door while Virgil and Watson would climb to the roof.

Things did not go as planned

Bane and Howling Moon successfully infiltrated the motel bottom while Virgil and Watson climbed up to the roof. Watson heard enemies behind a door and the two proceeded to knock on the door mysteriously. A man came out to investigate the noise only to be met with a flaming fist to the face. Bane and Howling moon ambushed two men on the first floor where Bane crushed a man into a gorrific fountain with his hammer. The second man surrendered and was forced to strip naked and run off into the night.

Meanwhile on the roof, Virgil and Watson were unsuccessfully attacking one of Darien’s Boys when reinforcements from the second floor arrived.The reinforcements arrived to see a flaming fist come through the doorway and clobber the gang member in the face. Virgil and Watson barricaded the door with an Aimoire. After fleeing to another room and barricading themselves in with a dresser, Darien and the Boys were attempting to break through to attack Virgil and Watson. Watson opened the doors of the dresser and attempted to set up a pack of C-4 but accidently sparked it in his hands delivering the payload prematurely.

Everyone was knocked down in the immediate vicinity when Bane and Howling Moon ran up. Bane viciously drove a wooden splinter into one of the gang members chest that had been imbedded due to the explosion. Howling Moon noticed Darien with his Los Gerreros vest and viciously fought him. Watson and Virgil, having recovered from the shock of the explosion engaged the remaining gang members.

Howling Moon and Watson were able to knock Darien out and thereby end the operations.



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